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  • Falafel Wrap Combo

    Falafel Wrap Combo


    Fresh falafel, wrapped in a toasted pita with our special choice of toppings and sauce. Combos come with chips and a drink.

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    Steak Wrap


    Chunks of tender beef marinated in our own blend of spices and herbs.

  • Shawarma Wrap

    Shawarma Wrap


    Chunks of chicken shawarma marinated in our special blend of spices

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    Chaplee Wrap


    Ground beef patties marinated in our special afghan traditional spices and herbs.

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    Falafel Wrap


    Freshly fried balls of chickpeas, vegetables and a blend of exclusive spices.

  • Kofta Wrap

    Kofta Wrap


    Ground beef or chicken marinated in our blend of afghan spices.

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