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  • Marinated Chaplee Kabob


    Grounded beef, mixed with our traditional blend of afghan spices and herbs. (1 lb)

  • Marinated Chicken Kabob


    Chunks of chicken thigh, with your choice of marination: Classic Orange or Lemon Pepper. (1 lb)

  • Marinated Kofta Kabob


    Grounded Beef or Chicken in our special blend of spices and herbs. (1 Lb)

  • Marinated Shish Taouk


    Cubes of chicken breast, with three options of marination: Lemon Pepper, Creamy Garlic and Red Hot! (1 lb)

  • Marinated Steak Tikka


    Chunks of tender steak, marinated in our exclusive steak marinade. (1 lb)